Are You Suffering From Too Much Supply and Not Enough Demand?  Here Are 39 Ways To Amaze Your Customers and Build Rapport.

39 Ways to Use Email and Video CombinedIn the next week, I'm going to show you 39 Ways to Use Email and Video Combined that will Make a Big Impact on Your Business

So if you are spending more time looking for business than you are taking orders for your product or service.  If  you have more supply than demand for your product or service these are going to help.

Although they simple concepts, any one or a combination will set you a part and if done consistently even for a short period will yield nearly instant results.

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For today, Idea #1.

Introduce Yourself

Who would have thought to use email and video combined to introduce themselves.  If you conduct business over the phone, internet, or have set an appointment to meet and you haven't yet, introduce yourself ahead of time.   Send them a video in an email to do just that.

Hi, I'm Tony Cortes, I just wanted to send you this quick video so that you would be able to put a face with a name. I'm looking forward to … (working with you, meeting, you, talking to you) You get the idea.

If you are going out to drop off a product or provide a service, consider one of these.

Hi, I'm Tony Cortes, I just wanted you to be able to put a face with a name. I'll be over to… (take you around to look at houses tomorrow, to drop off the 4 cases of red wine Tuesday, to walk your dog Friday) I look forward to seeing you.

Simple right. Takes a little effort, but goes a very long ways. It leaves an impact and makes you memorable.

Here are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

Using your phone, webcam, or video camera. Shoot the quick video. It takes 20 seconds.

  1. You can upload it to Youtube.   The copy the link, and place it in an email. I demonstrate that in the video below.
  2. If you want it be a little more private, but still very much like Youtube, you can set up an account with Vimeo or Wistia, and you can do the same.
  3. The fastest way, most private, as well as a lot more professional, use a program that combines the two. There are few out there, but the best I've found is what's known as the All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. I demonstrate it as well below.

Remember, a simple gesture like this will instantly start building rapport.  Just make a note of the reception you get when you put this into action.

Stay focused my friend.


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