What Business Doesn't Need to Retain More of Their Customers?

39 Ways to use Email and Video 2/39 - Thank You

39 Ways to Use Video and EmalWith the goal of building a solid bond with your customers, what business doesn't need to thank their customers? 

What business doesn't need to be grateful that their customer chose them out of all the other choices?  

The simple gesture of saying THANK YOU is probably the most under utilized strategies for building rapport. 

Who doesn't like to be appreciated?

Sending them a simple THANK YOU, serves two purposes.  First, it's builds rapport by showing your appreciation  Who doesn't want to be appreciated?  

Second, it another way of keeping you in the front of your customer's mind.  

I would suggest, when you send them a thank you.  Don't add a promotion to it.  Simply say Thank you.  If you add a promotion to it, they are going to see right through it and know that you are not sincere and that you are really just trying to sell them something else. 

Let this message be just about building raving fans.

This simple gesture if done genuinely and consistently can have a major impact on your business whether you have a home base business or a brick and mortar business. 

Saying thank you in person is best, but follow up with another video email doing the same if you really want to impact your bottom line.

Like Idea #1 Introduce Yourself,  Youtube is not the best platform for this, but if you need instructions.  You can look back at that post where I give you step by step instructions on how to upload your video to Youtube and send it using your email.

If you are sending out multiple Thank You's I'll show you a fast and easy way to do just that in the video below.

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