What Business Doesn't Need More Customers?

39 Ways to Use Video and EmalProviding value, meaning the information you post or email to your customers actually helps them solve issue they face is the Best way to stay in front of your customers on a daily basis all while building rapport.  What business wouldn't want that?

You see most businesses just send out promotions.  Promotions, promotions, promotions.  Rarely do they offer any way of solving a problem their customers have, thus they don't ever really understand their customers, just their product. 

Providing information of value shows your customer or audience that you understand them and with that understanding a rapport is built.

When providing value, this you WILL want to use YouTube, among other platforms like Voice

We talked about Invest Learn Teach and how it is a powerful strategy not only to build your customer base, but quickly build rapport with them particularly with the use of video.  We also talked about how you can quickly build credibility and authority.  If you didn't see that blog post you can find it here. 

Invest Learn Teach - A Powerful Way To Build Authority

You invest time and possibly money into something you like, you learn it, then you teach it.  Because video is so huge right now, and it only getting bigger, it is in my opinion the BEST WAY to build rapport and as Ray Higdon puts it, in a leveraged way. 

Leverage is the keyword because it allows you to a talk to many over a extended time. 

Providing value is a way to stay in front of your customers that they will not mind, in fact they won't even consciously think about it because the information is something they learn to look for.  Why, you are helping them solve things they struggle with by providing solutions you've learned.  Best information you can provide is one that helps them solve a problem.

Don't be afraid to teach people your "trade" secrets.  It's only going to build your credibility and make you the authority.  You may have a few do it themselves if they are even able, but you will have far more reach out to you to have it done for them.  

If you think, it will hurt your business, then it probably will, but only because that's the mindset you are working with.  Change your mindset to abundance and you will never have to worry about that again.

There is another huge benefit to providing value, and that's it attracts people to you.  The focus of the information are putting out is the type of people you'll attract.  You attract one's who are particularly need of that information.  Keep solving their problems and you will build raving fans.  And keep in mind, video is one, if not the quickest way to allow have them to feel as if they know you. 

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