39 Ways to use Email and Video 4/39 – SEND A REMINDER

Ever Get Frustrated With Prospects Not Keeping Their Appointments or Answering Their Phones?  Sending A Reminder Will Help.

Send a reminderIt's bad enough having to make phone calls, right?

Have you ever called back after someone said they would watch your presentation and when you did, they didn't answer?

How frustrating is that?  You are all excited because you know they are going to love your product and you can't wait to see if it's a right fit for them.

You call back and no answer.

Well, in the video below I give you FOUR TIPS that will dramatically increase the number of times they do answer and one of them is to send a reminder.

The problem is everyone is busy.  Everything is demanding their time not to meaning people are easily distracted these days.

The reason why they don't answer a lot of the time is because they forget to watch the presentation or they never got around to it. 

Getting them to commit, setting it as a priority, and obligating some time are key.   Even with all that you still have to remind them because as soon as they are off the phone something else will be looking to capture their attention and time.

I'm using the phone as an example, but these 4 tips applies to any type of follow-up whether it is a phone appointment or a meeting you have planned.

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