CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY – Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY - Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

If you really want to make it big, the key is consistency.

There is no sudden leap to greatness.

Your success lies in doing, day by day.

Your upward reach comes from working well and carefully.

Good work done little by little becomes great work.

Your house of success will be built brick by brick.

Adopt the pace of nature.

The secret is to consistency is patience, and an unwavering vision.

Stay focused my friend.

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Be a Ray of Sunlight.

What do you want to accomplish today? 

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  1. Tony Cortes on July 1, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    If you want to be taken seriously, be consistent and persistent. Comment and Share.

  2. Kayemarie Buckler on July 1, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Thank you for this Tony… In building “My Farm” your words fit perfectly !!!! Brick by Brick !!!! Looking forward to more Daily Insight !!! 🙂

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