ONLINE PRESENCE – Why have one in the first place?

Why have an Online Presence?

Online PresenceWhether you have an brick and mortar or a home-based business, creating an online presence strengthens your credibility. 

Building your online presence will quickly move you from where you are now to being the authority in your field. 

There is a structure, a blueprint if you will for success in creating an online presence and you can learn it here.

Like it's been said many times, find others who have had success and follow their path. 

Here is a picture that can be worth thousands of dollars to you if you  follow it.  Just ask Ray Higdon.  In his case, it's millions.  It's what I follow and have up on my white board as the foundation for building a successful marketing and branding machine.

The hub is your your blog.  In general, all things points to it.  Your blog is like your home on the internet.  Everything falls that it's roof. 

There are a number of reasons why you want a blog, but at the top of the list is the fact that you own it and it gives your greatest leverage.  You could upload your content to your Facebook page, you could do the same for your YouTube account, but you don't own it.  If one day you find it gone, you don't really have anyone to get answers from.  It's not backed up for you.  It could simply be gone along with all your work.  With your blog not only do you own it, you can structure it in such a way as to produce the best results. There are some that say you don't need it, but you have to ask yourself, why then do they have one.

Though the last reason is important, possibly the most compelling reason is, you can generate leads and sales years after you published a post.  Your blog is always working for you night and day, 365 days a year.

What about advertising?

Advertising is great and there are a number of ways to advertise and they should be considered, but when you stop paying for it, it stops working unlike the low cost of having a blog.

Is it difficult?

No, but it can be time consuming, so in general, I'd recommend outsourcing it because it would be better for you to spend your time and energy creating content for it.  Doing it yourself almost always cost you more time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Creating the foundation that is illustrated above is not difficult including setting up your blog if you know what you what you are working with.  Just be careful of your time.  You can learn it all here for free because I'll will be posting step by step instructions over time and they are tons of information out there on it.

If you would like personal help, contact me here.  I'll be happy to help you, coach you, or even set it up for you.

In an upcoming post I go over how to build raving fans from your blog, the best way to communicate with them, and how to make money directly from your blog while causing a dramatic increasing your sales and recruiting in your business.

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