key-to-success-tony-cortesI'm reading Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller, (great book by the way) and in Lesson 2, which is really like chapter 2.  Jeff Keller the author states how Earl Nightingale summed up the key to success in 6 words in his famous recorded message "The Strangest Secret".  I thought it was pretty powerful so I wanted to share it with you.

Ironically, those 6 words sums up the reason why people struggle and ultimately quit.  I don't like to say people fail, because you don't fail unless you quit. 

Essentially these 6 words are the key to success and failure.   Do you know what they are?


Dominant Thoughts Rule Our Day -  We are human magnets.  What we think about, we bring about.  We manifest what dominates our minds. 

By default humans are inundated by negative thoughts.  Our environment is permeated by negativity.  The news is negative, gossip is negative.  A lot of social media is negative, Reality shows which society seems to love focus on drama and negativity. 

We've seemed to have learned to feel good off other people's pain.  So, it should be no surprise as to the reason negative thoughts clouds our minds or why so many struggle to accomplish a goal.  There is good news though.

We can control our thoughts. 

We can change the way we think.  We can change our dominant thoughts from negative to ones that will lead us to success. 

We have to change the way we think if we want our results to change.

The fact is we have to change our thoughts if we want our results to change.  There is no way around this. 

In the book, Attitude Is Everything, Jeff Keller reveals 3 steps and a number of excellent exercises to harness the power of your thoughts. 

If you would like copy of the book, I have several new copies that I am selling for only 7.95 (free shipping)  That's a half the retail price if you add shipping that most places charge. 

Just so you know, a little positive thought is not going to get the job done in order for you to change your fortune.  It's has to dominate thought pattern.

It's like any exercise, you can't work out for 5 minutes once a week and expect to become physically fit.  It take practice, and then it takes more practice.  But the bottom line is you have to change the way you think or you will not ever see the results you desire.

Henry Ford put it.  "If you think you can - or you think you can't - You are Right!  So, if you think it's going to be hard, you are right.  If you think you are going to be rejected, you are right again.  If you think you are not good at something, you have no chance of succeeding at it. 

Remember those thoughts are dictating your life.  You have to change the way you think if you want to change your results.

Stay focused my friend.

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