IF YOU WANT THINGS TO CHANGE – Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

IF YOU WANT THINGS TO CHANGE - Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

You have to change.

I have an old friend, Dr. Bill Quain that used to say.

If you want things to change in your life, you have to change.

In other words, you can't keep doing what you are doing an expect different results.

Ray Higdon says justifying the way things are, keeps
things the way they are.

Telling it like it is keeps it like it is.

Success will always be connected with actions.

Don't be afraid to take the steps you need to take to make positive changes in your life.

Stay focused my friend.

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If the effort to bring you more value, at the end of the video, I mentioned a few schedule changes that I'm making to Your Daily Insight. Let me know what you think.

IF YOU WANT THINGS TO CHANGE - Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

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