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Invest Learn TeachRay Higdon's Invest Learn Teach method is not only a proven method for connecting with your target audience, but will attract them to you as well. 

Applying this simple principle will build rapport simply because of the value you bring.  This website uses the principals of the Invest Learn Teach method.

Invest Learn Teach takes what you are passionate about and has you share it with others.

You invest your time, and possibly money into things you like.  i.e. You research, study, read about the thing that you are passionate about.  In the process, gain knowledge about it.  You learn tips, techniques, and strategies.  The last part of ILT is just sharing it or in this case teaching it.

Most People Already Do The First Two Steps 

It's the last step, the TEACH that creates credibility, authority, and raving fans. 

You simply, share,  pass on or teach the best of what you learn via your blog.

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When you provide value. Something they want and that can truly help them, something magical happens.  They want more.   In fact, if you are consistent they will come to expect it and will let you know if they don't get it.

Posting consistently about what you learned as you learn will attract people to you.  They become your targeted audience and they are the ones who will love you.  The better the value of your post the more you will attract.   And value = money.

The real beauty is you can use it with almost any niche.  You can apply it whether you love fly fishing, photography, health and wellness or mushrooms.  It really doesn't matter because their is people that appreciate the same things you do.

The last thing, I will add just to steer you right.  The most important things are to be consistent and congruent.  I'll explain these in another post. 

Hopefully by now you are starting to see how your blog and adding information of value can attract other to you. 

Next, I'll show you the fastest and most powerful way to get people to know, like, and trust you...and that is through video.  It's Better with Video.

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