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profitsProfits comes from providing value.  The more value you put into your blog, the more value it puts out.  The more value it put out more cash that flows in making it a cash generating machine.

So you get that.  Now you have your blog set up. You are pumping in boatloads content.  Value is pouring out.

You're driving Facebook, Twitter, and other social media traffic to it.

Leads are coming in and you are connecting with your list.  All-in-all you are feeling really good about the people you are now helping.

How Do You Turn All That Into Profits?

After all the work you put in, you will be relieved to know that part is probably the easiest.

Once you established a relationship with your audience and they know, like, and trust you.  Anything you suggest, they will buy.

Just to be clear, I'm assuming you would only do that with good intentions.  In other words, you believe in what you are recommending and that it's in their best interests and not just for the sake of making money.  If that's the case, profiting from the value you have put out is just a byproduct.

Your Blog Is The Hub, and All Things Point To It

This again is why your blog is the hub and why all things point to it.  This is where you can sale your own products or services if you have them.

Are you struggling getting your blog up and running?

Yes, I know you can do it, but why put up with all the frustration.  Let me help you out on the technology side.  Send me an Email or Click Here to Contact me.

Profits through Products and Services

The sidebar of your blog and within your posts themselves are great spots to direct your audience to your products and services as well as link them to affiliate products or services that you recommend.

Profits through List Building - What business doesn't want to stay in the front of their customers and prospects?

It's only second to the ultimate goal of having them buy from you.  They say that the money is in the list.  That's because having a list allows you to communicate directly with your audience and is essential to any email marketing efforts.

Sign-up forms, lead capture pages, and pop-ups on your blog are the doorways.   To get people to pass through you generally trade them something of value, a report or how-to document for their information.

Building a list of loyal followers and keeping them happy by providing them information they value keeps them informed and you in front.


So there you have it, two proven strategies for collecting money through your blog.  Providing solutions to what your audience struggles with, then linking them to congruent products/services and generating leads through list building.

It's not as difficult as you may have thought.  In later blog posts I'll walk you through how to set up a shopping cart and payment processing system as well as how to link them to your blog.  Of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to contact me directly.  I'll be happy to help you.

In the next post, I'll address the one limiting factor that can keep you from making the money you deserve, and that is your Mindset.

Now, go and spread the sunshine, and make boatloads of money.

Stay focused my friend.

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P.S.  I personally don't ever mention my network marketing company on my blog and I generally don't recommend you do it either.  I created my site to serve small business owners, entrepreneurs, and network marketers as a whole, and not a recruiting center.  If someone is wants to know they can reach out to me privately.  In my opinion, your blog should be marketing you and not your company. 

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