What's the Fastest and Best Ways of Communication?

ways of communicationThere are many ways of communication, but without a doubt, online it's video and email.

Combined they are powerful and work in perfect harmony.

Video is the fastest way to build rapport and email is the fastest way to get it directly to them.  It's personalized marketing at the next level.

Personalized marketing is a very targeted form of marketing.   Video and live meetings/broadcast allows your audience to get to know, like, and trust you in a much faster way than any other form of communication.

As I shared under the Create portion of the blog. I help Small Business Owners create an online presence because building your online presence strengthen your credibility making it easy for you to make sales, generate leads, and build teams.

But what I didn't mention was an online presence is no longer enough for modern brands. Customers want engagement. They want to be able to make an informed decision.

In order for that to happen, they want to know, like, and trust the source from which they are getting their information. The best way to do that is through video.

Email on the other hand allow you to reach out directly to your audience which is why having a lead capture form on your blog is so important.  It allows you to build your list so you can be in direct communication with them. 

Email helps video gain exposure, and videos help email get opened.

In the next section, Profits, I will be going over how your blog easily can lead to multiple sources of income and the one limiting factor you must get over in order for it to do that.

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