WHAT INSPIRES YOU? – Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? - Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

I'm feel particularly inspired today.

This morning I was at the Seven Spring Rotary Club meeting.  Helping my friend Melissa Fahy who was going to be speaking at the morning meeting.

She head up the Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco.

So you have the rotary club with mission is to basically help people and organization that help people and have fun doing it. And Good Samaritan clinic who provides temp free health are to people in need.

Basically taking care of our neighbors.

People we pass by every day, and not really know what they are struggling with.

It's inspiring to hear the stories of how they are helping others in our community, especially in a world that you hear so much negative.

If you would like to get their Brand New Video Newsletter to see how you could help out like donating those little shampoo bottles you get when staying overnight at hotel.  Little things like that we may take for granted, but they mean so much to the people the clinic supports.

Here is how you can help:  Go to http://www.helpuscare.org/goodsam.

Then there is a young lady who I'm very proud of.

I won't mention her name, but we talked week ago she was really feeling stuck.

Pressure from her family, friends, and even her minister.
Since then, 1 week later she has really taken control, and has made tremendous progress.

She wanted a salon and in one week, she secure a booth, marketing material and is getting the key today.

I know she is going to do great, but she really wants it.
I'm really proud of her.

So Your Daily Insight today is something I've said before, but it is always a good reminder.


It will probably serve you more than anything else you could do today.

And it couldn't hurt if you would write down some of the things you are grateful for.

Even if you are not feeling it.

Make a list of at least 25.

Make sure you include ones that may not feel good right now, they may even hurt, but you know in reality they are going to better for you in the long run.

And Remember, when you focus on something, you get more of it.

If you focus on positive things, more positive things will happen to you.

If you focus on negative things, more negative things will enter your life.

Be grateful, and you will attract more things into your life that you will be truly grateful for.

Stay focused my friends.

Take a moment and share it with it with someone that you care about.

And if you are the one that it was shared with, just know you have someone that cares and is thinking about you.

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WHAT INSPIRES YOU - Your Daily Insight with Tony Cortes

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  1. Kayemarie Buckler on July 28, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Needed this !!! Thanks Tony !!!! 🙂 We are SOOOOOO BLESSED !!!

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